Reverse Engineering

taking apart an object, to see how it works in order to duplicate or enhance it

Social Engineering

centralized planning in an attempt to manage social change and regulate the future development and behaviour of a society or an organization

Intensive Network Scans

detect, diagnose and resolve network performance, update and security issues.

Vulnerability Scans

an inspection of potential points of exploits, on a network or computer to identify security holes

Payload Crafting

crafting shellcodes in form of media file, application or a link and get a target to execute


collecting open source data and generate a professional report of the investigation.

Fun Facts

Globally, 50% more power is needed to fuel the internet, than is needed to power the flying business.

Done Projects

Our Client Says:


Amos, the founder of t3rm1n4L cyb3rn3t1c5, offered to teach about social engineering to my students for free, just so that awareness is raised and people understand how fraudsters can ruin one's life..

Wangari, Godmak School

t3rm1n4L cyb3rn3t1c5 found a virus that is not listed in virus total. I was surprised that some of these malwares actually bypass some of this major and trusted antivirus softwares. That is when i decided my laptop will need a personal touche with a trusted cyber security specialist.

Kevin Geologist.

After realizing my internet was being hijacked by a group of unauthorised users, i decided to knock them out of my network. Apparently, my Access Point, according to t3rm1n4L cyb3rn3t1c5, had been taken over and some legit uses we actually kicked off my own network. A captive portal was installed and only my clients could access the network.

Festus, Mumbi House Manager.

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